Sunday, February 23, 2020

Generate ideas fr future research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Generate ideas fr future - Research Paper Example Thus, I would like to select the topic – â€Å"Recent Changes and Future Potentials in Healthcare Sector†. According to Ranmuthugala, Plumb, Cunningham, Georgiou, Westbrook and Braithwaite (2011), the healthcare industry has been witnessing considerable changes in its governance systems and leadership practices correspondingly. It is owing to these changes that the industry is still perceived to lack a firm leadership framework, resulting in various gaps within its decision-making efficiency (Bercaw, 2013). Munir, Nielsen, Garde, Albertsen and Carneiro (2011) also argued on the gaps still persistent in the healthcare sector, particularly owing to the fluctuations it witnesses in the leadership practices. Thus, it is to test the notion that I intend to consider this particular topic. In order to conduct a research based on the topic I have selected, I would initially conduct a preliminary research to validate my assumptions and draw precise aims and objectives to give further direction to my research. Subsequently, I will select the research design that can best justify my topic, which I expect to be most suitable through a case study analysis method. Correspondingly, I will emphasize collecting data and analyzing the same to justify my perceptions. I will also deliver due significance to ethical considerations that will help me validate my arguments more precisely. Mayosi, B. M., Lawn, J. E., Niekerk, A. V., Bradshaw, D., Karim, S. S. A. and Coovadia, H. M. (2012). Health in South Africa: changes and challenges since 2009. Retrieved from Munir, F., Nielsen, K., Garde, A. H., Albertsen, K. and Carneiro, I. G. (2011). Mediating the effects of work–life conflict between transformational leadership and health-care workers job satisfaction and psychological wellbeing. Journal of

Friday, February 7, 2020

American Advertising Federation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

American Advertising Federation - Research Paper Example Complex consequences of such progress of information-communication technologies for the sphere of media today still cannot be estimated unequivocally. It is obvious, that such development means the technological evolution of traditional media. An example of the transformation of wired networks in independent sector of the media industry has already shown, that the creation of new technology of distribution of television signals has led to the occurrence of the new form of the television business offering to an audience a new product and new services. The similar chain is observable by consideration of a course of technological progress in other media. In general, it can be presented as follows: What counts as new media is often debated, and is dependent on the definitions used. There is no one united definition for the term 'new media'. According to Chun & Keenan (2006, p.1), "the term 'new media' came into prominence in the mid-1990s, usurping the place of 'multimedia' in the fields of business and art...Although new media depended heavily on computerization, new media was not simply 'digital media': that is, it was not digitized forms of other media (photography, video, text), but rather an interactive medium or form of distribution as independent as the information it relayed".