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Essay about Defining Death - 3186 Words

Defining Death Alan D. Shewmon, the professor of pediatric neurology at UCLA Medical School believes that until the turn of the decade, most people thought that brain death was a settled issue; it no longer is. An increasing number of experts have begun to re-examine critically and to reject various key underlying assumptions (Shewmon 1998). Determination of death has obviously become more complex, and the questions of when death is final require answers. According to most recent definitions, if the brain is entirely and irreversibly destroyed, a person can no longer relate to the world. As with any definition however, there are exceptions, gray areas, and blurred lines. We cannot strive for one all-encompassing definition. We†¦show more content†¦A severely complicating factor in defining death is that there are two ways to define brain death. Whole brain death occurs when their entire brain is irreversibly nonfunctional. The higher brain definition states that the whole brain need not be functional; only the part responsible for personhood. According to this definition, people who are in a constant vegetative state are considered dead. One case that puts this into perspective is that of Karen Ann Quinlan, a modern icon in the right to die debate. At First, there was no dispute about whether she would ever regain consciousness or whether she would ever be able to return to a life that was in any sense normal (have a family, a home, etc). Quinlan was in a constant vegetative state and connected to a respirator. Quinlans family wanted their comatose daughter to die with dignity, so they had the respirator removed in the expectation that she would die, however, she continued to breathe unassisted and survived for a further ten years in this state. What this proved was that she had a functioning brain stem. What it did not demonstrate was that her continued life had any value for her, which is what her parents valued the most for her (Fisher 1999). For those ten years, QuinlanShow MoreRelatedFun Home by Alison Bechdel Essay1386 Words   |  6 Pagesdiscovered her father was homosexual. I feel that the most influencing panel in Fun Home is where Alison and her father are in the car alone together. Not only does this panel explain the entirety of the novel in a few short speech bubbles, but it is the defining scene that connects both Alison and her father together for the first time (221). This explains the absences of Alison’s father in her life, and the scary realization that both characters are more alike than different. The car scene must be brokenRead MoreThe And Fast Paced Procedures Of A Hospital1308 Words   |  6 Pageshealth does not improve. There are undoubtedly meaningful downsides on both of these options. 4. Analyze and evaluate Robert Veatch s four approaches to defining and determining death. Discuss its strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to include any amendments you would make, and who you think should be involved in making a determination of death. Irreversible loss of flow of vital fluids is based on considering someone dead if his/her vital functions are no longer working. This is a valid approachRead MoreDeath And Dying By Mark Pelagio1292 Words   |  6 PagesDeath and dying can be defined in many ways, but the most fundamental answer is that it is the time with the body dies and is returned to the earth. In the text book, The Theology of Death, Douglas Davies discusses how death is a natural process and is fundamental to the living being. (Davies, pg 8). Death and dying are the natural process in which a human being or any other living under go to transition into the next life. In the article Death and Dying by Mark Pelagio, he discusses how death canRead MoreActive Euthanasia: Physician Assisted Suicide is Wrong Essay1523 Words   |  7 Pageswords meaning good death. Sidney Hook calls it voluntary euthanasia, and Daniel C. Maguire calls it death by choice, but John Leo calls it cozy little homicides. Eileen Doyle p oints out the dangers of a popular term, quality-of-life. The choice of terms may serve to conceal, or to enhance, the basic fact that euthanasia ends a human life. Different authors choose different terms, depending on which side of the issue they are defending. Maguire argues by defining his terms. After explainingRead MoreEssay on Moral and Ethical Issues of Euthanasia1521 Words   |  7 PagesEthical Issues of Euthanasia    As we all know, medical treatment can help save lives. But is there a medical treatment that would actually help end life? Although its often debated upon, the procedure is still used to help the aid of a patients death. Usually dubbed as mercy killing, euthanasia is the practice of ending a life so as to release an individual from an incurable disease or intolerable suffering (Encarta). My argument over this topic is that euthanasia should have strict criteriaRead MoreEuthanasi A Controversial Policy1171 Words   |  5 Pagesrestore our health. Now, the existence of euthanasia gives doctors the opportunity to play God and some would take advantage of this. Dr. Jack Kevorkian is a prime example of a man â€Å"who killed his patients and has admitted to assisting in over 100 deaths. Most of them have been people with disabilities, primarily multiple sclerosis but also arthritis and spinal-cord injury.† (Torr, pg. 84). As a result, Dr. Kevorkian was sentenced to 10 to 25 year s in jail and convicted of second-degree murder.Read MoreSonnet 73 By William Shakespeare1156 Words   |  5 Pagesline of each quatrain and the couplet. The sonnet as a whole is an extended metaphor for the aging and process and death; however, it is broken into three smaller metaphors all supporting the speaker’s impending end of life through the process of aging. Natural aspects- winter, twilight, and fire- are presented as an extended metaphor for the the thematic undertone of aging and death. Nature alone is emblematic of the process of aging throughout one’s life. Nature is always changing, just asRead MoreDeath Is The Study Of Dying, Death, And Bereavement1716 Words   |  7 Pagesdying, death, and bereavement.† I believe that the study of death will be a topic to be discussed and forever researched. There are many different aspects of death that I believe people can study, rather it be cultural believes, medically researching different processes of death, or even just what your own personal discovery of what death exactly is or what happens after death. No one can interview the dead. No one can find out if death is peaceful, or if there is life after death, or what death feelsRead MoreThe Politics Of Preventable Deaths : Local Spending, Income Inequality, And Premature Mortality809 Words   |  4 PagesReaction Paper 3. The Politics of Preventable Deaths: Local Spending, Income Inequality, and Premature Mortality in US Cities. The article focuses on juxtaposing income inequality and premature mortality rate, with several variables. These are: â€Å"percentage in poverty†, â€Å"percentage non-Hispanic Black†, â€Å"Income inequality measured by the Gini coefficient†, â€Å"city financial expenditures† â€Å"mayoral type† and â€Å"party affiliation† (Ronzio, Pamuk, Squires 176). In their survey of the existing literatureRead MoreEuthanasia, And Physician Assisted Suicide863 Words   |  4 Pagesquestion posed is, do we have the freedom to choose death? Some say absolutely; we should have the freedom to decide how we spend our last days. If they’re filled with pain, debilitating, and cause hardship on loved ones, we should have the option to cease existence. Others take the view, we didn’t choose our birth, and therefore our death isn’t ours to choose. This causes debate on moral, ethical and legal grounds. This has led to defining the pr ocess under two separate terms for legal purposes

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