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Work Related Cross Cultural Training - 1017 Words

Work-related cross-cultural interactions are very often failed costing organisations large amounts of money and significant effort. In addition, according to EEOC reports for 2011, nearly 100,000 filings for workplace discrimination had took place in the private sector, representing an all-time high. Workplace adjustment is another significant reason associated with organisation’s turnover and costs. According to Oberg (1954), people have the tendency to suffer from culture shock when they moved between different types of cultures. The phenomenon of culture shock is crucially important on the grounds that it results into both psychological and physiological effects such as depression and insomnia. As a respond to the above social, financial and functional issues, organisations along with scholars and researchers have put a lot of effort in order to find a solution to these problems. One proposal is the concept of cross-cultural training, a method which has been supported by many advocators as a proper and efficient mean of facilitating the above problems coupled with supporting increased diversity (Brislin, 1981; Landis Brislin, 1983; Mendenhall Oddou, 1986). Under the right circumstances, cross-cultural training could be proven a method for addressing prejudice, stereotyping and many other biases (King et al. 2010). From the one hand, one more general definition of training has defined it as â€Å"any interaction aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of individuals,Show MoreRelatedSelection And Training Of Managers For New Plant1023 Words   |  5 PagesResource Management FROM: Seun Gbadehan, Human Resource Specialist SUBJECT: Selection and Training of Managers for new Plant in Sonora, Mexico. I am writing to you in regards to the recruitment of staffs to suit the managerial position for the new plant created in Sonora, Mexico. This memo will be proposing the criteria under which the potential transferees will be selected and also a three months training program will be administered by eligible trainers in each of the identified areas of selectionRead MoreEssay about Report on Cross-Cultural Management1127 Words   |  5 PagesManagement Perspective vii. Summary viii. Bibliography Executive Summary This paper is a report on cross-cultural management, with the issues related to cross-cultural management being discussed in the paper. Additionally, the report has produced the future way of cross-cultural management, including how it can be improved in offices relying much on this strategic approach. â€Æ' Diversity of Cross-Cultural Management Introduction In the beginning of globalization, organizations have started redefiningRead MoreChallenges Faced By Ethnic Minority Supervisors1216 Words   |  5 Pagessupervision, multicultural literature for children and adolescents, and a course on survey design in educational research) to help me better understand the cross-cultural supervision and different challenges supervisor’s face in cross-cultural supervision. These courses helped me to look into how ethnicity and clinical supervision are related at a much deeper level, and how same/different ethnicity of supervisors and supervisee affect the supervision process. The UF doctoral program has givenRead MoreCross Cultural Psychology And Social Psychology1723 Words   |  7 PagesUnit 13 Signature Assignment Cross-cultural psychology involves the examination of relationships between cultural context and human behavior (Berry, Poortinga, Breugelmans, Chasiotis and Sam, 2011, p. 2). Research in the area of cross-cultural psychology is aimed at comparing specific covert and overt behaviors of two or more cultures. More specifically, cross-cultural psychology examines the â€Å"†¦similarities and differences in psychological functioning in various cultural and ethnocultural groups†¦Ã¢â‚¬ Read MoreBenefits Of Television Travel Programs Essay1449 Words   |  6 Pagesprevious work suggested the importance of TV programs in promoting China’s image to the world while other researchers have theoretically investigated those programs’ communication strategy. But most studies of TV travel programs are with the attention being given to tourism management and tourism economy, there has been few studies on the cross-cultural communication of travel programs. Therefore, the s tudy of Travelogue’s past prosperity and today’s running state in the perspective of cross-culturalRead MoreCultural Intelligence1554 Words   |  7 PagesCultural Intelligence Cultural Quotient is the organizational psychology and management theory, and it is all about the continuous learning and aptitude to develop personally through this learning. The differences in the intercultural do remains in the momentous challenge stage in all multinational organizations. Hence to face the challenge there is a need of a new domain of astuteness which immense relevance to the era of escalating globalization and the workplace diverse. For every manager whoRead MoreMental Health Needs And The Process Of Cross Cultural Adaptation1175 Words   |  5 Pagesmental health treatments are effective, feasible, and cross-culturally modifiable for utilization in low- and middle- income countries (LMIC), there are well-known mental health needs and treatments gaps. †¢ The current study identifies mental health needs and treatment gaps which are examined in the literatures. Also, the authors describe the process of an intervention selection to meet the particular population’s needs and the process of cross-cultural adaptation. †¢ In the current study, community-basedRead MoreTeam Essay980 Words   |  4 Pages1.  How do the approaches used by Nordam Europe seem to support high performance work, drawing upon the ideas presented in this chapter? As stated in the text, Nordam Europe always strives to have people who are experienced and knowledgeable. Because of the need for high-precision parts it is critical to have  workers  who are skilled. This company believes in continuous improvement for their employees; so they are constantly being trained and kept up to date on technologies such as in the contextRead MoreChurch Leadership : The Key Community Of People1593 Words   |  7 PagesRelationships hold the keys to success Church leadership, along with teams that are sent to the mission field should work together in identifying what needs to be done for the particular community of people. A relevant example of critical caring was in a local church body. The Worship Experience team, made up of a 200+ member choir, had clearly identified a group within this church community that would care for one another in satisfying common goals, and to accomplish the task of helping people getRead MoreAtlantis Global Corporation Case Study853 Words   |  4 Pages To: John Dawson and Board of Directors From: Alayah Williams, Shawn Williams, and Cross-Cultural Team Subject: Results of Change Management Process Diagnosis: â€Å"Implementation of the strategic human capital plan is a key step in an agency’s progress to build a highly effective, performance-based organization by recruiting, acquiring, motivating, and rewarding a high-performing, top quality workforce. The plan becomes the roadmap for continuous improvement and the framework for transforming

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